nothing but amazing pencil sculpture

Check these AMAZING little Pencil Tip Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti. His work is so intricate and unique that you can’t believe its just a pencil! Something he has been doing for 25 years as a hobby since he hasn’t made any money from it. Instead, he prefers to give them a way to his friends as a gift. Wow, what a nice gift! You would have to have such steady hands and patience to create this, I would say? But you can tell its something he loves to do….I have so many pencils laying around and use them right to the end or as far as i can write, draw with….but i would have never imagined to create such delicate piece of work. Cool, huh?

{source via: Kronikle Kidrobot}

1 comment
  1. troy said:

    That is cool…

    The linked hearts and key are neat …it reminds me of a wooden ‘chain’ that my Mom gave me. She got it from a fellow who makes them in his spare time too, and he fashions his out of one complete length of wood complete with moving balls in a chamber as well. Cruder of course, but still very time consuming.

    I could send you a picture 🙂

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