Black Swam Style

Stunning photos from the movie Black Swam starring Natalie Portman {source Fashion Telegraph} Costumes by Rodarte’s Mulleavy sistersBy now everyone has heard of the latest film SWAN LAKE starring talented and beautiful Natalie Portman, playing the role of a ballerina. I thought I was going to see it over the weekend since I’ve seen the trailers and heard all the fuss about the film.  Also, it was due out early December in the US. But I forgot that doesn’t mean everywhere else in the world! Apparently, I need to wait till who know when because no Cinema in Holland will be showing this film any time soon (not happy about that). Instead, I’ll continue to envy everyone else who’s seeing it and will continue to believe it’s that good of a film! It does look good. Have you seen this film?

Black Swan inspiration..: Stylish upholstered haute couture inspired, ribbon sitting cushion by Asshoff & Brogård, Stockholm based design studio focused on functional products…: Dark lilac sitting cushion {on the right} by She Design Studio based in Oslo.


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