monkey munch

I’ve had a busy schedule the last few days…i’m happy to have completed a video project that has been on hold for longer than it was suppose to be…Soon to be online. While i was waiting for my work to render i stumbled across this crazy HILARIOUS short  stop motion video on Vimeo by Franck Deron…..It really made my day, i love it! You’ll get a good laugh, or at least i did! Check it out…

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved monkeys, gorillas and orange orangutans.  So of course, after watching the cute video {above, that i hoped you liked} i had to go to Etsy and look for some cute affordable ones, and one’s that you can actually own! It just happens to be that they all had either a red ribbon or the colour red…a hint for a Christmas Gift, perhaps?
1 and 2. Munky Buns 3. Kena Bows 4. Terrace Hill


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