Don’t throw that stone away

I was inspired by Kristinas blog comment “…bye bye summer see you next summer” and that particular stone lamp sitting on her desk (see below) i want it!…at the same time i’ve come across Geninnes-art-blog where she hand paints stones and makes them look so lovely…coincidentally, while in my summer holidays in France, i brought back a couple of stones from the beach. i didn’t know what i was going to need them for but now i think i might attempt to paint them! The candles are so cool, i wished i had bought the stone candles while i was in Oz early this year. it took me a while to find them on-line, hopefully i can find them in  Europe…anyway, next time you might consider holding on to the next stone you stumble over…

Hand Painted Stones…: by Geninne’s Art Blog { image: 1, 2 (left), 7 }
Aussie Stone Candles…: via A Little Light { image 2 (right), 3 (right }
Stone Sculpture Photo…: via Seyruun blog { image 3 (left) }
Stone Candles…: via Zuzutop { image 4 (right) }
Stone Pepper & Salt Set…: via This Next { image 4 (left) }
Stone Table Light & Bead Necklace Handmade…: by Kristina { image: 5, 6 }

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