lost in the Kaleidoscopic effect

Whether or not the kaleidoscopic effect has been overused, it’s still cool! Everyone seems to continue to be inspired and enjoy getting lost in patterns, colours, the mirror or butterfly affect and create vibrant artworks. Here are a few images that i ran into while i started this whole them after watching the video Kirin Big In Japan….Enjoy! and hope it’s not too crazy for the eyes…

Photo by…: Nessa Kessinger

Illustration, Kaleidoscope, 2010…: byKevin Tran

ROC eyewear…: Illustration: Kelly Smith & Photography: Amanda Austin

By the fashion brand…: Smeilinener

By SmeilinenerAfter Glow, hand-cut paper on wood backing…:by Jen Stark

Technicolor prism, hand-cut paper on wood backing…:by Jen StarkKirin Big In Japan, 2010…: by Sydney Filmmaker Kiki Ohe

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  1. Erin said:

    Hi there, Susan,
    I happened to see your comment on Allison’s blog (I had left a comment there as well). You said you had no fans yet. No way! So, allow me be your first fan. Blogging is a wonderful outlet and I would do it even if no one ever read my posts. But it’s always nice to know that someone IS reading, at least sometimes. I can see that you are creative and artistic, and I look forward to following your travels through Blogland!
    Best wishes,

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