Yes, It’s Animal Friendly Taxidermy

Nope, never had the desire to want a deer head or any hunting trophy to mount on my wall. But knowing that no animals were harmed making this project…it’s worth talking about it! At least I l believe its animal friendly?! It should be safe! Please let me know if I’m wrong?

Nottingham based artist Donya Coward works with different craft media such as textiles, trims, beading, hand-stitching to create animal sculpture. The first two photos are from here previous exhibition ‘Veggie Taxidermy’ in the Paul Smith Westbourne House shop.

At the moment she now has a new collection which features portraits of different dog breeds. Here she combines textiles with crochet and knit and beading…:I love her cute dog series and her very detail, delicate work…I’m curious what other animal lovers think of her work?

…no animals were harmed

  1. troy said:

    The crocheted dog is hilarious! It’s a great statement.

  2. La SuSea said:

    Hi Troy, thanks for your comment! I agree with you about the crocheted dog, it’s pretty unique alright!

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