new to the paper lantaner tradition

I honestly never heard of St. Martin Day celebrated 11 November, until after living in Holland for a few years. And still then, it’s not that popular for Dutch people. Also my partner is not religious, so he didn’t grow up with the saintly tradition. It’s popular in the north part of Holland and definitely more so in Germany….:The idea is for kids to make a unique hand paper lanterns, get together with all the other kids (and parents) and come knocking on your door and sing to you some St. Martin songs. In return you give them lollies (candy).

Fortunately, this year I was prepared and bought enough sweets to supply because a few years back i got a suprise when i opened the front door and had no clue why children were singing to me!. Anyway, the mum’s around my neighbour organized the night for their kids, which i think is really sweet since not all parents take part…Though the weather that night got everyone talking, it was incredibly WINDY and raining cats and dogs! Luckily that didn’t stop the mum’s on our neighbourhood to go out in that type of wether with their very enthusiastic kiddies…: I think of St. Martin Day, Halloween in Holland without the dress-up costumes. Instead, kids make a unique paper lantern and sing to you, in for hope to recive something sweet, more lollies than they can eat in one go!. Either way, its a fun tradition.


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