Something about my mum…

There’s something so intriguing about black and white photos. I cherish my parent’s black and white old photo albums  and love looking at them…:There’s is also something about my mum, her beauty, energy and determination that I love about her.

It’s my mums BIRTHDAY TODAY and although I didn’t get the chance to join her (she lives in Australia) on her daily morning walk, followed by a swim in the ocean pool…and eat gooood food. She’s always in my happy thoughts and I feel bless to have her as my mum. She’s young at heart, full of energy with a contagious laugh and she can talk you into achieving anything in the world – if you set your mind to it and work hard!

My mum was born in a small country town in Guatemala. After a few years of working as a hairdresser she met my dad…: for their honeymoon they traveled for almost 2 years around the world!!!. My dad took these photos  in the late 1960’s in Paris and Luxembourg…: I’ve always aspired to travel around the world and see just as much or even more than my parents. I’ve seen quite a bit already but I still yet have a long way to catch up to mum and dad.


  1. Allison said:

    These photos clearly show that beauty and black boots never go out of style. I hope your mother had a wonderful birthday.

  2. La SuSea said:

    Hi Allison, thanks for your comment! I heard that mum had a nice day out, thanks for asking. I also agree that black boots never go out of style and are the perfect fashion accessory 🙂

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