After 10.10.10

It’s the 2nd week of October, the sun is shining! On Saturday it was close to 20 degrees , yeeah! And it has been too long since I wrote something on my blog. So much has happened since then; gorgeous summer has come and gone…: no more swimming in the sea for sometime…: I’ve been all the way to Spain and back by car…: I have gone back to studying Dutch and that takes up all my free time… So I’ve had little time or frankly no time to write and share my travels, inspirations, stories with you…: Yet the biggest highlight I wish to share, was my parents visit a few weeks ago. It has been 3 years since they visited me in Europe. They stayed for only 10 days though it felt longer because we had such an entertaining, busy schedule. Although I visited them early this year, we haven’t seen each other twice in one year since I was living in Australia (that’s 6 years ago!) that’s sad because we do have such a strong bond. And so its heart breaking saying goodbye to them and it never gets easier as time goes by. Thankfully my sweet partner is always able to lift my spirit and give great advice…: he told me (holding a bunch of flowers) that their visit should inspire me to keep up the energy, get back to life and make some future plans to see them soon. I have to agree, rather than feeling their absence, it’s time to get back into my blog, get creative, talk about last summer and pretty autumn.

So here I am, after 10.10.10

Photos by my dad…: Carlos Jimenez


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