On the road…

Bonjour Bonjour everyone!
Back on the road to sweet France for our summer holiday … only this will time around will be exploring the southwest coastline of France, and to my favourite surf spot in France, Anglet, oooh la la! … So by the time you finish reading this i’ll be either indulging myself with a mouth-watering pastries or i’ll be out in the surf! Will be away for 3 weeks … yeaaaai! … mmmm …x

  1. the Success Ladder said:


  2. Lucie said:

    Hi Susan, missing French pastries? There is a really good French baker at the limit of Rijswijk and The Hague, 200 m walk from tram1 one stop Broeksloot. The name of his business is Michel. http://www.expatica.com/nl/leisure/dining_cuisine/where-to-find-food-from-home–856_12617.html?ppager=1
    Wonderful lemon tarts and almond custard filled croissants and much more. There is a Delft MaMa French mom who is about to start a home made “macaron” (just like on your pictures) business if you want to be a guine pig; )

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