Sculpture Summer Walk

A mix of modern art Sculptures in The Hague on Lange Voorhout during the evening … A very beautiful long street in The Hague. You can discover the free open-air exhibition of: 23 monumental bronze sculptures of Spanish artist Manolo Valdés along with 5 smaller marble and stone sculptures by Flemish artist Kim de Ruysscher. As part of The Hague Summer Festivals you can see the sculptures from the 17 June – 12 September 2010.

This was fun … here with my friend Andrea trying to imitate Princess Leia from Star Wars. I wonder if the artist, Manolo Valdés was inspired by Princess Leia too?

Princess Leia and her famous hair buns.

Sculpture below reminds me of this famous painting By Diego Velázquez, 1656



I love this photo (below) of Andrea … striking a pose with the marble sculpture!

Shhh! be quiet his sleeping!

Around the corner you can find huge life-size Sand Sculpture created by the sand academy: as an ‘Ode to the Dutch Masters’ in the square at the Buitenhof. There till August 27th 2010. Curious? check the website…:The Hague Festival

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  1. Do you know if the Hague is planning on having more beautiful art sculptures? I love art and sand sculptures. If you and readers like sand sculptures, please check my blog out as well. Thanks for sharing!

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