World Cup Orange Fever

Had to share this post with the world since (almost) everybody is glue to the TV watching the World Cup … Quite a few people have been VERY surprised when they hear my enthusiasm for the Football World Cup (soccer for us Aussies). Well, let me explain. Besides my dad (+ mum), I grew up with three older brothers, and then there’s my Latin blood … So no biggie that I´m an eager fan but only for the World Cup! because it includes EVERYONE around the world. After all football is perhaps the biggest sport on the planet – people will travel from the other side of the world just to get a taste of the football fever. I remember last World Cup (without tickets to any of the matches) that we drove from Holland to Germany for the weekend to join in on the fun!

Ask me about the rules, sorry, but I HAVE NO IDEA. Except get a second yellow card and you’re out buddy!. Use your upper body, shoulders, or discreetly your hands similar to hand ball … ummm Maradona?! (don’t worry we’re still cheering for Argentina) and that may be called cheating. But please, leave the theatrical acting for Hollywood.

It’s simple, I find the World Cup Football fans energy contagious. I don’t need to know about the rules. The Mexican wave is fun but I manly enjoy getting distracted by the colourful, passionate fans … and letting go when we hear GOooooooooooall!.

The Socceroos are sadly out of the competition YET I’m still cheering on! And it looks like it’s for the Dutch team …Then again, Uruguay (No.10 is HOT) are playing so good. Mexico is next to Guatemala, Ghana is the last African country to have a chance …aaaah?! Whatever, everyone enjoys a spontaneous relief of bliss in football.

Between the half-time we had a walk around the block and bumped into the two orange tiger outfits – Funny enough it was two ladies under the suits, who had rented them for the Dutch game! They got so much positive attention.

Some creative students who pulled out there BBQ, TV and their couches outside for the game. Notice the beer crates used to help lift the couch higher off the ground.

Watching the match, Netherlands vs Cameroon outside the bar on a warm night. Although the screen was set-up inside, it was clearly for people to watch it from the outside. Also, it was legal to drink alcoholic beverages in the streets … Btw, Holland won!

Are you also joining in on the World Cup fever?

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