Leafy Walk Through An Outdoor Photo Exhibition

Looking for inspiration on where to go to Europe? Why not check out the stunning Outdoor Photo Exhibition of the Wild Wonders of Europe; 100 life-size nature photographs taken by 69 of Europe’s finest photographer. I was there the other night for the second time in one week. I recommend the evening is the best time of the day to go – it’s very peaceful and hardly no-one around. The photos are so enormous that they almost feel like they are going to come to life. Times like that would help to be taller and get a better perspective … More importantly, it reminded me that Europe has more to offer besides historical (concrete) cities. I was surprised to see such impressive beautiful photos of animals and nature. Places like Croatia and Spain …and I thought I had seen plenty of Spain already!.

I hope you get the chance to see the Outdoor Exhibition since it will be in tour throughout Europe: In The Hague, The Netherlands till August 30…:Wild Wonders of Europe

If I was an animal in my past life, I must have been a Sea Turtle … I am slow on the land but fast and strong under water …ha ha haaa, I just love turtles!


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