Long Summer Days

An evening to celebrate, soak up the sun as much as long as possible – and even do cartwheels on the beach … Monday night was midsummer, the longest day in Holland. I had to kind of rush to get to the beach on time to see the sunset like so many others – we all made the effort and took our cameras taking pictures as if we had never seen the sunset before!. No big clouds got in the way, it was a clear night – i needed a warm jumper though.

Sunsets in Sydney are very different – the sun sets behind you and it sets down much earlier than in Holland … in general I never get tired of seen the sun set. Yet, it’s pretty special to see it set down beyond the horizon so late in the evening. Best part of it all is that it also stay light very late until after 11pm. It so hard to come home early or close your eyes and go to bed  when its still light outside. Glad i’m not a kid who has to go to bed at a decent time  – there is  too much to do … better go out again!


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