Sunday Market + Etsy in Amsterdam

So this was my first time at the Sunday Markets in Amsterdam. There was lots to see – so many sellers of such a variety. It wasn’t as busy as i expected it to be. maybe it had to do with the weather? it was supposed to rain like cats and dogs! …but of course, the weather man was wrong – very glad it didn’t though. Anyway, here a couple of little gems i discovered at the markets…

Found this cute and different. Design by..: Susanne Boger

Too cute for words, you have to check out Swee Yeo website..:Swiedebie
Had the pleasure of meeting Swee at the Sunday Markets in Amsterdam … later i also got to learn more about Swee at the Etsy get-together. Oh and she also has a store at Etsy… you won’t be disappointed!

Fancy a birdie lamp? by Lampen met Pit

Have you ever tried cherry tomatoes covered in chocolate?
interesting, no? For some Italian cuisine By Archi Chef

Matt Stinchcomb, Etsy’s VP now located in Berlin telling us all about the wonderful world of Etsy! So many people made such an effort to come from all different locations (within europe) for such a special occasion. Although I’ve known about Etsy for years, this was my first time to have anything to do with it or meet people who have a store at Etsy … and i’m glad i made the effort!. You get such a great, energetic vibe hanging out with creative people. …i hope to soon include some of my work on Etsy …that’s another little project of mine.

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  1. It was great fun to see everyone there, and very nice to meet and got to know you on the day. 🙂
    THank you very much for featuring me in your blog! wow… my stall is so pink! (lol)

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