A bold move in modern art

A couple of days I had a lovely day in Amsterdam. Not a typical day to go to the museum at all, the weather was superb! It was really warm and sunny outside. Still I decided to go to the museum since I was in Amsterdam for the day. …besides, I knew that they had a very special exhibition showing, Paul Gauguin exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam – The Breakthrough into Modernity. Apparently this exhibition is the first to devote attention to the Volpini suite. It brings together exquisite collection that present a various themes in Gauguin’s oeuvre … of 11 lithographs printed on radiant canary yellow paper, which marked the coalescence of his motifs (the woman in the waves…). Plus included works by Gauguin his friends closely linked to the Volpini suite. van Gogh Museum

Volpini Suite..: Design for a Plate: Leda and the Swan, 1889

In 1889, Paris hosted the glorious Exposition   Universelle (World’s Fair). It was the year the Eiffel  Tower was built for! You can imagine who big of an event it was … Paul Gauguin who was “too modern for the time” was not invited. Amazing right? Easy to say that now, what were they thinking?!. He was obviously not happy about it so he together with Emile Bernard  and their circle of friends (who led the Synthetism movement) decided to arrange their own exhibition at Volpini’s café just outside the well prestige World Fair in Paris. It wasn´t as successful as they hoped … However, it played an enormous role in Paul Gauguin’s development as a modern artist. It was his breakthrough where he became Gauguin.
…is it then fair to say everything happens for a reason? Hmm …I would have wished that Vincent van Gogh would have lived longer so I could have seen more of his paintings …just a thought. So right towards the end of the room was an oil painting that stayed with me …The bather in the sea Odine, in the waves in English. I find it very soothing, peaceful to look at. Plus pretty groovy use of colours for 1889, I must say!

Photo taken on the train to Amsterdam

Volpini Suite..: Odine, Oil Painting, 1889

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  1. Nice meeting you at the Etsy event today! Good luck with the blog and your work!!
    Regards, Simone/ Mooivintage

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