A few weeks ago on November 2, Andy Irons, three-time world champion surfer passed away unexpectedly at the age of 32. Friends, fans and admires came together around the world, for an honorary paddle-out to pay tribute to his legacy. One of the locations was at my home-town surfing spot, Avalon. It’s a gorgeous little beach that draws great surfers…and where I use to hang out ALL the time after school, every chance I got, back in the old days. So it means a lot to me to see these photos and footage below…it’s very sad but at the same time, it must of have been a truly magical experience…: Photos from Tracks Magazine

And last  Sunday, November 14, Family, friends and fans came together at Andy Irons home-town, Kauai  in Hawaii, to paddle out and join hands to pay tribute (a Hawaiian tradition) and say their last goodbyes. Andy is survived by his very pregnant wife Lyndie, his brother Bruce and his parents…I think its amazing the impact it has brought…the unity, the love and the Aloha Spirit from surfers around the world in times of need….peace x

Music…: by State Of Grace, Sooner or Later, 1994

I would love to have this ceramic piece shaped in, like a taco shell. It makes me think more of something from the sea…I can imagine it may be even nicer when you place a tea-light inside…: Handmade by Leili Design

This amazing sea star hanging light could also hang in my bedroom but i probably would have it turned on all the time because i love it so much… Designed by Marius Watz

Hands down one of the most awe-inspiring short surf film I’ve seen! You don’t need to be a surfer to appreciate this film. It’s for everyone, anyone who loves the sea, loves mother nature. The cinematography is breath-taking, it’s like poetry in motion…

Film by Allan Wilson and photos by Allan Wilson from his blog

An evening to celebrate, soak up the sun as much as long as possible – and even do cartwheels on the beach … Monday night was midsummer, the longest day in Holland. I had to kind of rush to get to the beach on time to see the sunset like so many others – we all made the effort and took our cameras taking pictures as if we had never seen the sunset before!. No big clouds got in the way, it was a clear night – i needed a warm jumper though.

Sunsets in Sydney are very different – the sun sets behind you and it sets down much earlier than in Holland … in general I never get tired of seen the sun set. Yet, it’s pretty special to see it set down beyond the horizon so late in the evening. Best part of it all is that it also stay light very late until after 11pm. It so hard to come home early or close your eyes and go to bed  when its still light outside. Glad i’m not a kid who has to go to bed at a decent time  – there is  too much to do … better go out again!

Right before the weekend begins I have to share two breathtaking (fiction) films. I came across this first one tonight: French world champion free-diver, Guillaume Nery. In this film you can see he is free-diving at Dean’s Blue Hole – the world’s second deepest blue hole. “It plunges 202 metres (663 ft) in a bay west of Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas”. All the shots were made on breath hold by Julie Gautier. Edited by BLUENERY  Music by ARCHIVE: You make me feel. For more information on the free-diver or the film…: Guillaume Nery

Watching this video makes me feel like a little fish on land. It makes me long for deep water, crystal clear water and the movement of the surf. I admire free-divers, the ability to dive great depth on a single breath – and the art to do it so elegantly. I honestly can’t think of any other skill, sport I would love to be able to experience, like free-diving. It’s crazy and beautiful and so mesmerizing …but  it doesn’t at all look easy.


Did you ever see the film THE BIG BLUE (Le Grand Bleu) Directed by French director, Luc Besson. It depicts the friendship of two free-divers, the French man, Gorgeous Jacques and his friendly rival with the Italian funny man, Enzo. Of course there’s a love story to it, which I don’t mind, and it’s a sweet story…though the highlight of the films is that it involves lots of swimming in the sea with bottlenose dolphins

I have lost count on how manytimes I’ve seen this cult movie. I think one of my brothers introduced me to this film but somehow we missed it on the big screen. So come to think of it, it would be very special to see on a big screen. It came out in the late 1988. I would have been in primary school back then …T he cinematography is superb with such breathless scenes. The soundtrack is just as good!. The music by Eric Serra in the film is magical – it fits so perfectly with the underwater shots. It’s very moving and hypnotizing to watch – the underwater scenes make you feel like you are floating, swimming in the deep-sea … I really love long distance swimming in the sea. Back home in Sydney we have ocean pools everywhere – there is no need to spend your money and go to a cramped indoor swimming pool. When the surf was flat I would swim far out into the back of the sea – not too far away from the shore – just enough to feel like you’re alone in the world … the surroundings would become so peaceful. The only sound i would hear is the strokes I would make – the water splashing.  Anyway, I could go on forever here, on how GOOD the film is. Here is the beginning scene of film … maybe you too might want to check it out. Make sure you SEE the Europe version. I strongly recommend that. I actually didn’t know but there was an American version, which is so nonsense in the first place … don’t need to go there, let’s just stick to the original film.


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