Circle of Influence is a chart of artistic, scientific, and philosophical debts through time. Created by Michelle Legro of Lapham’s Quarterly, Maria Popova of Brain Pickings & Illustrator Wendy MacNaughton as part of Longshot magazine’s Debt issue.

I should have this hanging on my wall – a good motivation to look up some of the not so obvious names! Who is Marie Curie? In the mean time, here are some quotes that grabbed my attention:

“I do not seek I find.” — Pablo Picasso

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”
Sylvia Plath

“I like to remember things my own way. How I remembered them, not necessarily the way they happened.”
David Lynch (Lost Highway)

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”
Sigmund Freud

{ image source..: wendymac }

A little cuteness for your weekend! Handmade little miniature dolls, puppets, brooches all so very cute! Like caricatures from children books that just jumped out of the story….: Artist, Flor Panichell now based in London ( for reasons of love, aaaaah, love that!) is originally from Argentina and considers herself a sweet beast. Sweet it is and the rest of the photos, of her work taken around the house. Her Sweet Beastiary blog is where you’ll find the latest updates on her creations while her Etsy shop is currently on a break…all images are from her blog.

For some sea creature inspiration that I find simple and delicate. Might be tricky to find the right spot for either of them.  Or then again, it might fit in just about any space in your home and not just for beach homes. Still, they so look pretty!

Glass bowl wrapped with pretty lace and sea coral inside from Sweet Paul….: A little handmade coral garden by crocheter Helle Jorgensen. It’s made from paper yarn, which i never heard of till i checked out her work. You can see more on her etsy shop GooseFlesh…..: Coral in glass lamp found via

Below…: Perhaps not so delicate as the other pieces from above. Yet incredible and amazing! Wood art sculpture by Morgan Herrin

Cuteness from the woods, girl with her animal mascot, her friend….inspired by nature and tales, Marisol Spoon are a wife and husband team, and that i dig! They create not just adorable paintings but they also make bookplates, lockets, pocket mirrors…. If you’re enchanted by Marisol Spoon, visit heir etsy shop here and website here

Rain or no rain, the flowers are blossoming around me as spring is in the air. And these unique handmade prints, leather goods by Tovi Sorga and Corrie de Vries set the mood. Such pretty prints inspired by nature (except for the cool classic walkman cover). I have to say i found it hard to select which ones i liked the most! I suggest you check their ToviCorrie etsy store here. Maybe you’ll find a new look for your iPod/iTouch/iPhone case or a wallet wrist or card case !? See you next month!

These delicate little handmade piece inspired by nature, patterns and colour from Missouri Bends Studio are an ideal to frame them up somewhere sweet. Artist Patti Roberts-Pizzuto uses mixed materials on handmade paper and it’s her hand stitches, decorative paper details that caught my eye. Above, is an actual drawing made with ink and acrylic marker on Japanese paper…that was then dipped in beeswax. It is stitched to a more sturdy sheet of slightly larger handmade paper for support. See more pretty patterns pieces here

Some very cute Christmas hanging ornaments that i just love and wanted to share them with you…
From her Etsy shop…: Valche
Felted wool acorns by City Crochet
Beautiful handmade paper ornaments by greentrikepressWhat about these delicate glass balls that contain living Tillandsia inside {by Flora Grubb} Have you seen them in a shop near you? I would like to see them close-up!

Not all Sundays are lazy Sunday. Last Sunday I made my way to Funky Xmas Sunday Market in the culture park Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. The day brought plenty of creativity inspiration and enough fun stuff to do all in one-day. Despite it been a very chili day, the sun was shining and everyone was out and about and I kept myself busy taking photos…There were close to 200 diverse stall holders selling art, jewels, ceramics, plush toys, bags, organic food and so forth as well as live music – all under one very big roof.  I’m sure I missed some good ones but it was very difficult to see them all.  Here is a big mix of awesome goodies I manage to take a snap of…

1…: Really fun and unique jewelery by Lammers & Lammers{1st 3 photos from the top}
Piled up chinaware, Kitsch style by Stapel Werk {photo from above}
2. Unique screen printed t-shirts and sketchbooks designs by my friend Pini Piru {1st 3 photos from the top} for her Etsy shop go here …a little of everything and it’s very cute by {4th from the right} Swiedebie3. You can’t miss House of dots it’s very original and awesome clothing stall {Top main photo, plus 2nd on the left} ….and Dolls Light Design by Mokka who also makes handmade handbags {4th to the left photo}
4. Fun Paper Mache workshops by Beesten Werk {1st 3 photos from the top}
Last photo of the day but a very vibrant one by Leona design

I met so many friendly faces on the day and have tried to add as many names and links as I recall. If I have missed you – you can leave a comment below with your details. Hope you like the photos…look forward to your comments!

I’ve had a busy schedule the last few days…i’m happy to have completed a video project that has been on hold for longer than it was suppose to be…Soon to be online. While i was waiting for my work to render i stumbled across this crazy HILARIOUS short  stop motion video on Vimeo by Franck Deron…..It really made my day, i love it! You’ll get a good laugh, or at least i did! Check it out…

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved monkeys, gorillas and orange orangutans.  So of course, after watching the cute video {above, that i hoped you liked} i had to go to Etsy and look for some cute affordable ones, and one’s that you can actually own! It just happens to be that they all had either a red ribbon or the colour red…a hint for a Christmas Gift, perhaps?
1 and 2. Munky Buns 3. Kena Bows 4. Terrace Hill

Stunning looking calendar by Catherine Campbell, Check out her Etsy Shop: My Folk Lover

Cute Calendar with sweet text by Fréya Eté, her Etsy Shop…:Freya Art & Design
Gorgeous Illustration Calendar, you should definitely take a pick at her Etsy shop…: Peggy Wolf DesignIt’s already 2nd day of December, time is clicking! So, I’m on the hunt for an beautiful illustration, 2011 Calendar. Not too bulky or too loud…one that can rest on my desk  and  with a splash of colour…any other suggestions out there?


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