My favourite discovery this week so far! I really love the combination of the girls gentle and peaceful spirit, the nature and dream-like paintings by modern Chinese artist, Wang Yi Guang.
Wang Yi Guang recent works are inspired by the humble beauty of the local Tibetan culture, landscape and Tibetans way of life; their respect for the environment and nature, as well as their optimistic approach to life, have provided an infinite source of inspiration to his body of work. His fond memories of Tibet – particularly catching sight of young girls running and laughing across the magnificent Tibetan plains, their sheep and cattle in tow – remind the artist that “Feitain” (or flying Devi, a mystical character, which is primarily found in the murals at Dunhuang and in sculptural forms in a handful of cave grottoes in China) does exist in life. The colours and detail work on these costumes are so beautiful. Everything is so surreal and gentle – happy flying girls through the air – who have a special bond with the wild animals, the yaks and sheep … I love that!

{ image source..: Schoeni or see more Wang Yi Guang paintings here }

Ahhh, horses…I absolutely love them out in the wild. All these gorgeous photos are taken in Iceland by photojournalist, Paul Taggart. I’m really fascinated by Iceland, the scenery, the nature looks like a magical place….would love to go someday!

{source via here }

I got some additional photos to share with you (from last Saturday) Queen’s Day celebration in Amsterdam….People selling old goods, entertaining the crowd by dancing, singing and cooking while wearing something fun and funky….a mix of images of a real good day out!Above, left photo shows four irresistible boys charging as little as 30 cent euro coins (€0.30) to pay the ladies a compliment! Now that’s original, super cute and very clever of the boys. Of course the ladies loved it!Above photo, are orange paper wishes on the wall from individual people…These last three photos tell the story of Saturdays late afternoon vibe….people, dogs chilling out and watching everyone else walk by…

Old timey looking illustrations by young Jillian Tamaki. She’s an illustrator and comics artist. Making artworks for magazines, newspapers, websites, and books. To see more of her work go here.

I hope you had a good first month of the year! Till next month….looking forward to sharing some more goodies with you!

Fun, playful intricate work that needs plenty of patience! Roman Diaz is an origami artist from Uruguay who shares his step-by-step guides for making some of these awesome orgamis (you see above) on his blog.  Aren’t they cool? So if you are up for a challenge on origami paper making AND want to learn Spanish at the same time, see his blog. To see more photo’s, check out his flickr page here. Good luck!

I might have been grumbling about the rain here, grey sky, its cold and wet…but nothing like what Queensland is having to go through, such devastating floods – massive amount of water sweeping away cars, houses, everything and streets turning to rivers. Today was the worst day yet of the ‘inland tsunami’ and its horrible to see the footage on TV. My heart goes out to all the Queenslanders who have lost everything, their home, loved ones….and to all the dear wildlife out there… i’m thinking of you!
{images from:,, }

Ever had a mascot when you were a little kid? Maybe a cute little friend, a plush toy that traveled with you everywhere? And maybe even still today? I know I had a lots of dolls such as little miss piggy from the Muppet Show.  But I guess since we moved so much when I was little that I either had to give them away. Or there just wasn’t enough room to take them all with me….anyway,these sweet images reminded me of it all. How about you?

{source via: Melissa Betty.Tumblr}Beautiful and Colourful Illustration by Simon Fernandes found via AbudzeedoTwo Cute Illustrations by LFilipe dos Santos {found via: Behance}{source found via}{source found via}
Aaaah, Sweet Photo by jessieroth

Nope, never had the desire to want a deer head or any hunting trophy to mount on my wall. But knowing that no animals were harmed making this project…it’s worth talking about it! At least I l believe its animal friendly?! It should be safe! Please let me know if I’m wrong?

Nottingham based artist Donya Coward works with different craft media such as textiles, trims, beading, hand-stitching to create animal sculpture. The first two photos are from here previous exhibition ‘Veggie Taxidermy’ in the Paul Smith Westbourne House shop.

At the moment she now has a new collection which features portraits of different dog breeds. Here she combines textiles with crochet and knit and beading…:I love her cute dog series and her very detail, delicate work…I’m curious what other animal lovers think of her work?

…no animals were harmed


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